The Habit of Creation

Welcome to my personal art blog. The first and foremost purpose of this blog is promote my artwork and act as a home base for my portfolio and contact information. I will update my portfolio often and create content based on what I am working on at the moment. I welcome any suggestions for posts or topics you might want me to cover.

I have a sister blog co-written by my good friend and fellow artist Dayna Spinner called What The Water Gave Us. It covers any topic relating to art that interests us. One of the first ideas we had for a post or a series of posts, was to talk about finding time to do our work. It can be a struggle to fit in painting time when I’m not going to be interrupted; or even just time during the day to do a small drawing or sketch. Sometimes I think we forget the fun behind the work and it then becomes easy to procrastinate.

We decided to do a 40 day challenge where for 40 days, we must work on something for a minimum of 15 minutes. The full post is here: What The Water Gave Us- 40 Day Challenge Day 1

We are almost done with this challenge and I have definitely experienced major artistic growth during the 30 something days so far. My focus for this challenge sort of turned into illustration and drawing. My goal is to become a tattoo artist one day and I am working on building my portfolio. I need to ask for an apprenticeship and for someone to take me seriously, my portfolio needs to be solid. I’ve been trying to draw a variety of things such as; vegetables, flowers, hearts, spiders, anchors, and much more. At first I was just drawing to get back into the feel of drawing everyday and now I’ve begun to pay attention to my design and composition more. I’ve been experimenting with ‘flash sheets’. A flash sheet is a single sheet of paper that has multiple drawings that fall under a cohesive theme. If you walk into a tattoo shop you will probably see many of these flash sheets made my the artists who work there or made by an artist that they admire. The idea behind flash sheets was that back in the early days of tattooing you could walk into a shop, look at the artwork on the walls and pick out a tattoo. The tattooer would then tattoo that design on you and that’s it. Now a days, it is much more common to have custom artwork composed for each individual customer.

Although many tattooers do not run their business by having customers pick out images from a page, it is still very popular to make flash sheets. I’ve even been to tattoo fundraisers where the artist would compose a flash sheet of small tattoos related to the cause. Here is an example of a Sailor Jerry flash sheet: Flash Sheet Example.

Everyday I push myself to draw more and everyday I find that the more I draw the easier it gets. I have quite a few drawings at the moment for my portfolio. I am hoping to get to about 80-100 drawings that I can present to the artist that I would like to apprentice me. Now I am at about 10-12. I need to push myself more and crank out some more stuff. Wish me luck and send good vibes. Until next time,