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  Dani Schmidt

Dani is a New Hampshire based fine artist. She has always been involved in the arts since she was a child and now continuing into her adult life. During her senior year of high school she received a national gold medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in 2009 for her pastel drawing “Stranger”. In 2013 she graduated from UNHM with a BA in European History and a double minor in American Sign Language and Studio Art. The New Hampshire Institute of Art is where she completed her courses for her minor through UNHM. In 2016 she made the leap to pursue her fine art career full-time.

In the past she has worked with many mediums but currently focuses on acrylic paint. She switched from oil paint because acrylics allow her to keep the momentum of the piece and finish it at a quicker pace. Dani’s work is real, raw and sincere. Color is her driving force and is what inspires her to paint a particular subject. She finds that often the most interesting colors can be found in nature, which translates to her work. Portraits and figure paintings are also a part of her portfolio. Capturing the subject’s likeness and unique qualities while distorting reality in her portraits is what gives her paintings an edgy feel. Some of her biggest influences include but are not limited to Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Georgia O’ Keeffe.

You can find her working diligently at Subterranean Studios in Contoocook, New Hampshire; a audio and visual creative space for working artisans. She frequently collaborates with her husband Brian who is a musician. She loves to take on diverse projects that allows her to gain new insight and experiences into the art and music world. Dani is also available for custom commission work. Collaborating and working with a client to get the exact image and feeling they are looking for is one of her many skills that she brings to the table. Please visit the contact page for more information on custom orders.

Instagram is the best way to view everything she is working on now, with constant updates and display of her process. You can find the link to her profile on the home page of this website or by searching @myrandomcat.


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